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The scenic mountains of Khumbalgargh, India.The scenic mountains of Khumbalgargh, India.

Kumbhalgargh: Start Your Journey in This Unique Side of the World

Discover a tranquil retreat nestled amidst the verdant embrace of mountainous landscapes. A gentle stream meanders through this property, and its reservoir ensures a year-round water supply, which inspired the resort's name, "Sada Nira," signifying perpetual water.

Seek unique stays with exceptional accommodations in the region. Experience the warmth of local hospitality and explore different facets of Kumbhalgarh.

A busy marketplace in Kodagu, India with vendors tending to their produce.A busy marketplace in Kodagu, India with vendors tending to their produce.

Kushalnagar: Experience the Majesty

At the heart of the captivating region of Kodagu, the Coorg Maharaja Resorts stands as a testament to unmatched comfort, luxury, and hospitality. However, more hidden stays are scattered in the vibrant Kushalnagar area, offering guests the ease of exploration and a tranquil retreat.

A stone's throw away from prominent attractions, more India hotels, and dining venues promise new worthwhile adventures.

Tourist taking a selfie in the snow-covered slopes of Gulmarg in India.Tourist taking a selfie in the snow-covered slopes of Gulmarg in India.

Gulmarg: a Kashmir premier destination

This Indian region is not just a winter wonderland; travelers can find unparalleled offerings that seamlessly blend leisure and adventure all year round.

Step into the world of Gulmarg and into a dimension of vintage allure melded with modern comfort, where every day promises unparalleled views, unbeatable adventures, and a stay that is nothing short of magical.

A panoramic view of Shimoga in India during the daytime.A panoramic view of Shimoga in India during the daytime.

Shimoga: Here, Nature Blooms in Full Splendor

In the heart of Karnataka lies a realm where nature's grandeur and ancient legends come alive. Shimoga invites you to lose yourself in its enchanting landscapes, relive its rich tales, and create memories that will echo for a lifetime. Come, embrace the magic of Shimoga and let its soulful charm captivate your heart. Discover, dream, and dive into an experience unlike any other.

Find your perfect abode amidst Shimoga's splendor. Be it lavish hotels, cozy villas, majestic resorts, or quaint vacation rentals; we have handpicked the best for you.

Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu in India aerial view.Nagercoil, Tamil Nadu in India aerial view.

Nagercoil: Scenic Town, Simple Stay

Nagercoil, a scenic town in Tamil Nadu, India, beckons travelers with its pristine landscapes and rich cultural tapestry. With places like the Nagaraja Temple, Muttom Beach, and Kanyakumari Beach only a stone's throw away, it is a realm where simplicity meets splendor, and the essence of travel lies in reveling in life's uncomplicated joys.

Located in the heart of Nagercoil, featured accommodations offer not just the convenience of proximity but also the enchanting allure of Tamil Nadu's scenic beauty.